EroCos Vol. 39

EroCos Vol. 39 erza fairytailhentai666 porn manga

Another interesting quotation from this Erza Scarlet hentai manga that I don’t want you to miss out.

“Welcome to club Fairy Tail. This establishment is the one and only premium place where you can request all the hottest ladies on the continent. Of course, you have a full variety of options. Swimsuit, school uniform … VIP members can also select their preferred costume to spice up their play with these girls. Thank you for waiting, well then please enjoy yourself!”

What else should I say about this awesome adult porn hentai. Well I should mention that it’s completely colored (full color) and that the sex scenes are hot as never before (or at least top 3).

Author: lime                                                              Color: Full color

Pages: 31 (21.47 MB)                                              Language: English

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EroCos Vol. 33

EroCos Vol. 33 fairytailhentai666 porn manga

Another great work from the artist Lime and if you wonder why we are already at Vol.33, well not all sequences are about Fairy Tail. This time Erza is not our main protagonist of this hentai manga CG. It’s about our lovely Lucy Heartfilia and with her as the main figure in the weekly sorcerer adult edition nothing can go wrong. That hot bikini could cause a lot of nose bleeding, so be careful and stop if you thinks it’s too much for you :P.

The artwork is (nearly) perfection level. Full color is always a great bonus and well the censorship is pretty much absent. So there is nothing in our path to enjoy this Fairy Tail sex masterpiece to the fullest (well except the nose bleeding of course haha).

Author: lime                                                               Color: Full color

Pages: 31 (10.91 MB)                                               Language: English

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EroCos Vol. 31

EroCos Vol. 31 fairytail hentai666 porn manga

Rather than to tell you what’s this whole hentai artist CG all about, I will simply quote the very first page of the actual artwork. I think it’s pretty detailed and that it sums things up very nicely.

“The magazine that mages love to read: weekly sorcerer. Inside each issue there’s a gravure corner where pictures of a popular female mage selected by the male reader can be found. From among those gravure models, we have prepared a ‘sex photoshoot special’ with a beautiful young female mage as our main project for our adult publication’s first volume. The selected model is the strongest woman of Fairy Tail ‘Erza Scarlet‘.
For our commemorative first volume, we will record every last moment of the fairy queen’s perversity!”

Author: lime                                                              Color: Full color

Pages: 31 (43.43)                                                    Language: English

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Lucy & Virgo’s Stellar Performance

Lucy & Virgo's Stellar Performance fairytail hentai 666 sex

Our very first hentai manga scene begins pretty vigorous. The Celestial spirit Virgo (cute maid girl who loves to be “punished”) is fucking Lucy with a strap-on dildo. Well Lucy indeed seems satisfied, but there is still something missing to make her 100% happy. Virgo asks her beautiful female master if and when she is going to confess her love to Natsu? Well our Heartfilia beauty doesn’t have much of an answer for that. Rather she is trying to avoid the question and in that very moment Natsu jumps into her room and falls asleep right away. After that he starts to mumble about Erza forcing him and Happy to be her sex slaves. Will that alone be enough for the girls to keep their hands of Natsu’s dick? I’m not so sure about that. Lucy is not only a sexy woman, she is also very smart and therefor she usually gets what she wants. Be it sex or anything else.

What I liked a lot about this Fairy Tail hentai manga is the great implementation of the comedy scenes. You will most likely laugh a lot while reading this adult xxx doujinshi. Also I would like to stress out the excellent sex artwork and the clear lines of the artist. The censorship is rather minor compared to other Japanese porn works.

Author: Kousaka Jun                                                        Color: Black and White

Pages: 35 (23.05 MB)                                                      Language: English

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Fairy Bitch (Full Color)

Fairy Bitch (Full Color) fairytail hentai 666 xxx image

We are live at the Grand Magic Games. Well, maybe not live but all the good xxx action has been “recorded” and we are proud to be able to present you Fairy Bitch Full Color. We see one or two colorized sex pictures of Mirajane and Erza, but our main female character for this hentai manga is Lucy Heartfilia or how I like to call her “my fairy princess” ;).

You won’t be able to find any better Fairy Tail porn art on the whole Internet! The adult mangaka has outdone himself with this masterpiece and also Doujin-moe has put really a lot of effort into colorizing this hentai doujinshi. The combination of these two will blow your mind!

Author: Haikawa Hemlen                                            Color: Full color

Pages: 21 (29.14 MB)                                                Language: English

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Fairy Tail 365.5.1 The End of Titania

Fairy Tail 365.5.1 The End of Titania fairytailhentai666

Those of you who didn’t yet read or watch the Tartaros ark maybe should not read this FT hentai since it has some spoiler elements. Having said that, just because the headline is “The End of Titania” this doesn’t refer to Erza dying or anything like that. It’s more about the standard hentai route where a strong girl is slowly but surely turned into a sex slave. Well we know that Erza has pretty much a limitless will power and that she already suffered a lot when she was still young. However, that doesn’t automatically make her immune to any kind of sexual related torture.

Author: Xter                                                               Color: Black and White

Pages: 29 (18.49 MB)                                              Language: English

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Moshimo Teki na Are

Moshimo Teki na Are fairy tail hentai666

I think this is the only English translated Fairy Tail Hentai manga with Erza and Jellal together in happy sex mood. Scarlet is extremely cute considering that she doesn’t know much about sex. Seeing an erect penis for the first time or learning about the pleasure of a woman are just a few things that make Erza so kawaii in this awesome artwork.

The xxx scene takes place at the beach and that alone gives a great vibe to this excellent Doujinshi. The drawing style is somewhat unique, but maybe that’s what makes this Fairy Tail hentai so extraordinarily good. Well decide for yourself. I will give this one 9 out of 10 points!

Author: Arcana mi                                                      Color: Black and White

Pages: 16 (21.33 MB)                                               Language: English

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Chichikko Bitch 4

Chichikko Bitch 4 hentai666 fairy tail

Lucy Heartfilia has failed another job and therefor she was fired. Obviously she didn’t earn any money so at this point Lucy doesn’t know how to pay the rent for this month. (Un)fortunately for her Mirajane has an idea how she can get a high paid job without encountering any dangerous situation. But who knows maybe we are all wrong and the young Heartfilia lady loves her new job and just maybe she will do it one day for free. Well, now please don’t ask me what Natsu would think about this. After all it was Mirajane’s idea. Expect some awesome fairy tail hentai sex material on that you can fap the whole day 😉

Author: Tamagoro                                                    Color: Black and White

Pages: 22 (14.26 MB)                                              Language: English

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Chichikko Bitch

Chichikko Bitch fairy tail hentai666 porn manga sex

Even though Lucy Heartfilia from the Fairy Tail magic guild doesn’t like sex at first, very soon she will fall for the nakadashi creampie heaven. Another master piece from the adult mangaka Tamagoro. His specialty is drawing creampie xxx porn scenes. He has also some great other works that we will share in the future. For now enjoy this little hentai goody.

Author: Tamagoro                                                    Color: Black and White

Pages: 23 (35.41 MB)                                              Language: English

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Tsuyu-Daku FT-Nyan×Nyan!

Tsuyu-Daku FT-Nyan×Nyan!  fairy tail hentai666 porn sex

This is really a special gem! Why you ask? Well it has sexy Fairy Tail characters that you won’t find in any other hentai out there (or at least they are very very rare). We will see Aries, Angel and Virgo in adult drawn porn scenes. These are all Lucy’s celestial spirits who support her in any kind of situation. May it be a fight or something NSFW, they will always be there for her! Yes I know the censorship is a little nasty in this one, but well nothing is perfect 😉

Author: Arcana Rude                                                Color: Black and White

Pages: 26 (23.07 MB)                                              Language: English

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Lucy+ GUST full color

Lucy+ GUST fairytail hentai 666 porn manga

A full color Lucy Heartfilia hentai manga is indeed rare. However, what’s even more rare is a doujinshi with 2 Lucy’s! How is this possible you ask? Lucy simply opens the twin gate and summons Gemini. As a big bonus there are some additional porn pictures of Erza, Mirajane and Juvia. The censorship is just moderate so you should not have too many issues with that either.

Author: Gust-san                                                   Color: Full color

Pages: 25 (22.13 MB)                                           Language: English

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FAIRY SLAVE II (Shiomi Yuusuke)

FAIRY SLAVE II (Shiomi Yuusuke) fairy tail hentai666 manga porn

This is the second part of Fairy Slave hentai manga. In the first sequence Erza was the main female character. In the second sequence Lucy is the main bitch to fuck! Makarov the master of the Fairy Tail guild is playing a dirty game. He makes good money out of these two girls. Will his lucky strike continue or will he finally hit a dead end? Whichever way it will be, prepare yourself for another round of hardcore Lucy banging.

Author: Shiomi Yuusuke                                           Color: Black and White

Pages: 24 (18.32 MB)                                              Language: English

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FAIRY SLAVE (Shiomi Yuusuke)

FAIRY SLAVE (Shiomi Yuusuke) fairy tail hentai porn

The master of the Fairy Tail guild has directly ordered Erza to take on a mission. She is supposed to “clean” a cave in the mountains. However, once she was inside that cave she run into a trap and was taken captive. When Erza finally woke up she finds herself surrounded by several man. Well if you are not completely new to hentai storyline you should know what happens next. Here is one interesting sentence from Scarlet:

“Every woman loses once their pussy has been conquered. Look! I’m totally filled with your hot cum, aren’t I?”

Author: Shiomi Yuusuke                                            Color: Black and White

Pages: 24 (41.28 MB)                                               Language: English

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Lucy Mouth’s Picture book

Lucy's Mouth’s Picture book hentai666 fairy tail porn xxx

Natsu is a real man after all and as such he has needs. So who is he going to ask to help him relieve the pressure if not his hot friend Lucy Heartfilia? Well Lucy is pretty much always in the mood for sex and also she is a good girl who helps her friends out if they need her. Sure you can say now that Natsu is exploiting her a lot, but I think their feelings are mutual.

Well the art is quite good, maybe a little too short with just 12 pages. On the other hand you will see an awesome blowjob by Lucy so who’s going to complain? ^^

Author: Kisyuu Naoyuki                                            Color: Black and White

Pages: 12 (8.01 MB)                                                Language: English

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Shuukan Seinen Magazine

Shuukan Seinen Magazine hentai666 fairy tail porn xxx

Unbelievable but Erza Scarlet really was captured this time! Well mostly because Lucy put something in her drink, but this or that way this has to be a premiere! What you can expect from this fairy tail xxx? Several man will be taking turns and fuck Erza’s and Lucy’s brains out. So this is nothing for the squeamish. The drawing is pretty good and the censorship is so minor that you won’t even notice it. So if you are into the “forced” genre then you will have great fun with this hentai manga. However, if you are not then you should stay away from this FT doujinshi.

Author: Shiomi Yuusuke                                            Color: Black and White

Pages: 24 (10.39 MB)                                               Language: English

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Double Lucy

Double Lucy (Fairy tail) hentai666










The Lucy from Edolas shows a large interest for the Gemini transform ability. So she asks the original Lucy to use her Celestial Spirits and transform them into a Natsu copy. Without wasting any time she pulls Natsu’s pants down and starts sucking his dick. Heartfilia is shocked at first, but after some time she gets accustomed to the mood and so we see a sexy Fairy Tail threesome.

As you can see Ashley (from Edolas) seems to have better ways of using the Gemini to their full extent. However, the really funny thing is that the real Natsu never had his chance to fuck any of these two beauties. At least not in this hentai manga 😉

Author: Aracana Mi                                                  Color: Black and White

Pages: 32 (37.40 MB)                                             Language: English

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