Double Lucy

Double Lucy (Fairy tail) hentai666










The Lucy from Edolas shows a large interest for the Gemini transform ability. So she asks the original Lucy to use her Celestial Spirits and transform them into a Natsu copy. Without wasting any time she pulls Natsu’s pants down and starts sucking his dick. Heartfilia is shocked at first, but after some time she gets accustomed to the mood and so we see a sexy Fairy Tail threesome.

As you can see Ashley (from Edolas) seems to have better ways of using the Gemini to their full extent. However, the really funny thing is that the real Natsu never had his chance to fuck any of these two beauties. At least not in this hentai manga 😉

Author: Aracana Mi                                                  Color: Black and White

Pages: 32 (37.40 MB)                                             Language: English

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