EroCos Vol. 31

EroCos Vol. 31 fairytail hentai666 porn manga

Rather than to tell you what’s this whole hentai artist CG all about, I will simply quote the very first page of the actual artwork. I think it’s pretty detailed and that it sums things up very nicely.

“The magazine that mages love to read: weekly sorcerer. Inside each issue there’s a gravure corner where pictures of a popular female mage selected by the male reader can be found. From among those gravure models, we have prepared a ‘sex photoshoot special’ with a beautiful young female mage as our main project for our adult publication’s first volume. The selected model is the strongest woman of Fairy Tail ‘Erza Scarlet‘.
For our commemorative first volume, we will record every last moment of the fairy queen’s perversity!”

Author: lime                                                              Color: Full color

Pages: 31 (43.43)                                                    Language: English

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