EroCos Vol. 33

EroCos Vol. 33 fairytailhentai666 porn manga

Another great work from the artist Lime and if you wonder why we are already at Vol.33, well not all sequences are about Fairy Tail. This time Erza is not our main protagonist of this hentai manga CG. It’s about our lovely Lucy Heartfilia and with her as the main figure in the weekly sorcerer adult edition nothing can go wrong. That hot bikini could cause a lot of nose bleeding, so be careful and stop if you thinks it’s too much for you :P.

The artwork is (nearly) perfection level. Full color is always a great bonus and well the censorship is pretty much absent. So there is nothing in our path to enjoy this Fairy Tail sex masterpiece to the fullest (well except the nose bleeding of course haha).

Author: lime                                                               Color: Full color

Pages: 31 (10.91 MB)                                               Language: English

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